name Relationships require two people to continuously work at it. Arguments, doubts, and fear is a common feeling when faced with a big relationship jump. If you ask yourself, "Do I really know my lover as much as I wish I did?" then you are on the right track. Continuous curiosity and attraction is a key part of maintaining a healthy relationship. Visit 1000 Questions for Couples to read more about 1000 personal questions designed for couples to ask each other to strengthen their relationship.

Early Marriage Problems to Avoid

12th January 2010
Early marriage is a healthy option for many post-high school and post-college couples. Settling down early and having a home and family of their own can have its advantages over traditional marriage ages. Many early marriage couples believe they can handl... Read >

Love and Relationship Questions For Couples

12th January 2010
Asking questions to your significant other can seem a bit silly and a bit daunting. If you are already in love, shouldn't you already know them? At the same time, isn't it a little scary to see what they would answer about their past?Asking the right ques... Read >

5 Truly Romantic Ideas For Growing Couples

12th January 2010
Face it, relationships can go downhill once that honeymoon effect wears off. If it was on autopilot during that phase, its now time to take some action. Work on your relationship and maintain what you have. For those that want to continue a healthy relati... Read >