5 Truly Romantic Ideas For Growing Couples

Published: 12th January 2010
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Face it, relationships can go downhill once that honeymoon effect wears off. If it was on autopilot during that phase, its now time to take some action. Work on your relationship and maintain what you have. For those that want to continue a healthy relationship, here are some romantic ideas for couples on how to keep it going.

1. Go wild and break out of your routine. Date night every Friday? Then spend the weekend in taking baths and giving relaxing massages while you go out on a date during the weekday. Change up the weekly routine and try to do new things together. See the Blue Man group perform and get some paint on your jackets, visit a random hotel and spend the night in bed while ordering room service, or drive to the nearest airport and spend the afternoon watching the planes take off and land.

2. Remember the small things. What made the couple the couple? Was it a certain dress or look you gave each other that began the relationship? Revisit where you and your significant other started out. A local diner, a certain university, or a romantic drive that sealed the deal. Think of what you did for your significant other when you were still trying to win their hearts. Remember the small things you did that catapulted the relationship into the honeymoon phase.

3. Get down and dirty! No I don't mean start cleaning together, although that's probably a good idea. Get together for activities that require teamwork and dedication. Volunteer together and help build homes. Become a mentor for kids, and don't forget to introduce each other as couples. Or, take dancing classes and build up that intimacy on the dance floor. Whatever activity you choose to do as a couple, do it together and dedicate that time to the activity and to each other.

4. Take turns cooking for each other. Even if your cooking sucks, the time and preparation it takes for someone to cook a meal itself is worth it. Add a little wine and candles, and its a huge step up from your usual home dinner.

5. Exercise together! Go work out together and watch how that sweat just turns you on. Not only will exercising make you feel more attractive, it will physically push you as a couple. Encouraging and motivating each other is a healthy, constructive activity that will only bring you closer.

Romantic ideas for couples who have been there and done that don't necessarily need to be over the top dinner at fancy restaurants and balls. Romance can be established anywhere, and once you realize that you don't need to be on an actual date, the more romantic opportunities will arise.

Exiting the honeymoon phase and entering the real world can be a pleasant surprise. Relationships are constantly moving but one way to solidify them is by truly knowing your significant other. Do you really know your lover after six months? Two years? Continuous curiosity and attraction is a key part of maintaining a healthy relationship. Visit 1000 Questions for Couples to read more about 1000 personal questions designed for couples to ask each other to strengthen their relationship.

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