Early Marriage Problems to Avoid

Published: 12th January 2010
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Early marriage is a healthy option for many post-high school and post-college couples. Settling down early and having a home and family of their own can have its advantages over traditional marriage ages. Many early marriage couples believe they can handle life's many responsibilities and problems together while embarking on their own career paths. An early marriage can strengthen the relationship and let couples grow together.

Yet marrying at an early age has its ups and downs. Teenagers and recent college graduates may decide to tie the knot despite parental objections, but they need to know what is in store for them before taking such a decision.

Early Marriage Problems

Feeling of a trapped youth: Teenagers and recent college graduates lose the chance to explore life on their own, and this can be an important part of shaping one's character and beliefs. Marrying at an early age gives more responsibility to both partners at an early age and can take away time for leisure and relaxation.

Take away the chance for further education: Early marriages are time consuming and this can take away their chance of pursuing further education, whether it is college or graduate school. The time required for a marriage means less time for studies and young couples can miss out on many opportunities, both social and professional, because of this.

Irresponsibility: With youth comes irrationality and irresponsibility. Irresponsibility with each other, with careers, and with friends can bring strains to a relationship.

Lack of experience: Especially when dealing with bring up children, a lack of experience could lead to fear and even generate ill-wills towards each other. Having to still establish their lives while raising a family can expose holes in an early marriage.

Financial difficulty: An early marriage still means you can live with your parents, but most young couples want to be able to set up their own home and families. Combined with a general lack of higher education, an early marriage could result in financial difficulties while spouses have to juggle working, marriage, and education.

Stress and health: Early pregnancy can affect the health of females. So can the stress and strains of marriage, both physically and emotionally.

Lack of maturity: Small differences and petty arguments can turn into marriage deal breakers as couples can still be maturing and developing themselves. High school and college are two very important parts of a person's life and the many social problems people in those situations can be carried into a marriage.

Emotional and psychological stress: Inexperience can create disharmony between young couples and having to handle everything on their own is difficult and demanding both individually and as a couple. Emotional burn out is a common problem as the honeymoon effect of relationship can wear off.

An early marriage can be a successful one. Social pressure, especially in the case of an unexpected pregnancy, is a high cause of young marriages. But with the proper attitude, an open mind to guidance, and the ability to grow together, early marriages can lead to good financial stability and a strong foundation.

Early marriages can be the most exciting, but also the most surprising. Relationships are constantly moving but one way to solidify them is by truly knowing your significant other. Do you really know your lover after six months? Two years? Continuous curiosity and attraction is a key part of maintaining a healthy relationship. Visit 1000 Questions for Couples
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